The ethics of the dispute. A filmographic analysis of postmarital litigation
Historia de un matrimonio | Noah Baumbach | 2019
María L. Christiansen

Universidad de Guanajuato, México

About "After Life": A philosophical reflection on the notion of the moral experience of mourning
After Life | Ricky Gervais | 2019-2022
Guillermo Lariguet - Universidad del Litoral, Jaime Rodríguez Alba - Universidad Siglo 21

Put the pieces back together. Loss and mourning
Pieces of a Woman | Kornél Mundruczó | 2020
Maria Medina-Vicent

Universitat Jaume I, España

Affects and desubjugation in the formation of a king. Arthur Pendragon in the TV series Merlin
Merlin | Johnny Capps, Julian Jones, Jake Michie | 2008-2012
Cecilia Inés Luque

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Seventh art and empathy teaching in medicine students during pandemic cause by SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19

David Chamorro-Plata, Universidad Anáhuac-Mayab, Guadalupe Fajardo-Orduña, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Françoise Dolto’s analytical practice: reflections on the use of drawings from a biographical film
Françoise Dolto, le désir de vivre | Serge Le Péron | 2008
Dilcio Dantas Guedes

Family Service Toronto

Argentina 1985
Argentina 1985 | Santiago Mitre | 2022
Juan Carlos Mosca