From Restlessness to the Braid of History. A transmission through three fictions
Argentina 1985 | Santiago Mitre | 2022
Lucía Amatriain, María Elena Domínguez

A failed pere-version
Edipo Re | Pier Paolo Pasolini | 1967
Eduardo Laso

UNE 153020 standard on audio description review
Should it be Modified After Seventeen Years of Validity?
Miguel Ángel Font Bisier

Universidad Jaume I de Castellón, España

South Korean corporate fictions, leadership role models and Cordial Ethics
White Nights | Bulyaseong | 2016 - Search: WWW | Geomsaekeoreul Ibryeokhaseyo | 2019
Amelia Meléndez Táboas

Universidad Nebrija de Madrid, España

Álex de la Iglesia and the scenes of heights
Symbolism of space from the narrative
Marcos Jiménez González

Universidad de Salamanca

Three tales about integrity
An essay on professional ethics
María Marta Preziosa

Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina

Deleuzian Perspective of Cinema as a Means to Believe in The World Again. An Analysis from The Cinematography of Peter Weir
La sociedad de los poetas muertos | Peter Weir | 1989 - The Truman Show | Peter Weir | 1998
Felipe Arthur Muñoz Becerra

Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción, Chile