In Treatment: the consequences of transference interpretation
En terapia | Argentina | 2012
Sergio Zabalza

Authenticity, fallacy and fiction in television series: Be Tipul, In Treatment, En Terapia
Be Tipul, Israel, 2005 | In Treatment, EEUU, 2008 | En Terapia, Argentina, 2012
Irene Cambra Badii, Moty Benyakar

Tony Soprano: the chatty one
The Sopranos | EEUU | 1999-2007
Juan Pablo Duarte

The Great Issue. Comments on dignity
The Big C | EEUU | 2010-2012
David González

Traces of Lynch in television series
Twin Peaks | EEUU | 1990-1991
Juan Manuel Vicente, Lucía Benchimol

The Sheldon Cooper solution
The Big Bang Theory | EEUU | 2007-
Eugenia Molina

Any similarity with reality is mere coincidence
Okupas, Argentina, 2000 | El Puntero, Argentina, 2011
Paula Guzmán