Juan Jorge Michel Fariña

Edward-scissors-hands, one name of the father
Edward Scissorhands | Tim Burton | 1990
Fabián Schejtman

The threatened extimity
Cave of Forgotten Dreams | Werner Herzog | 2010
Ana Cecilia González

Les Misérables. Rewriting a symptom through filmic transposition
Les Misérables | Tom Hooper | 2012
Alejandra Tomas Maier, Claudio Pidoto

Melancholia: the intimate apocalypse and anxiety
Melancholia | Lars von Trier | 2011
Roger Mas Soler

Bullying: a tragic trap
Låt den rätte komma in | Thomas Alfredson | 2008
Cecilia Travnik

The Colonel Redl or the crime of master-signifier
Oberst Redl | István Szabó | 1985
Daniel Gerber

The narrative of the non-phenomenological issue: recognition of the Other in film
Yo, también | Antonio Naharro, Álvaro Pastor | 2009
Mario de la Torre Espinosa

Pierrepoint: The executioner and the analyst’s position
The Last Hangman | Adrian Shergold | 2005
Alejandro Ariel